09 December 2016

How is InvestActive "A Balanced Approach"?

Equity investments often tend to develop a bias - too much trading or too much long term, too much of a sector or too little of a style, or too much diversification. All of these tend to create sub normal returns for investments over the medium to long term. InvestActive attempts to bring you the best of opportunities in a balanced fashion - with a little bit of each in the right quantities. Our back testing shows that our allocations, while sounding simplistic, can generate above market returns with its 'core' and 'satellite' approach. InvestActive presents a well balanced exposure to these different strategies to ensure that a part of your investments is always working to generate money, irrespective of the overall market mood.

InvestActive is a service for investors seeking guidance from one of India's leading research houses. We believe investors can benefit from a disciplined approach and balanced investing strategy as our back-tested performance table shows.
While a lot of investors may have the need and even the knowledge, paucity of time may often lead to surprises in the investments, which InvestActive seeks to avoid. In addition, it removes speculation from investing as our calls are backed by substantial experience and analysis.
How does InvestActive bring Discipline?  
In addition to "position sizing", meaning the amount of capital at risk in each trade that InvestActive recommends to ensure you are not overexposed to risk, a range of other habits differentiate a successful investor from an unsuccessful one. Generating good returns on investments requires certain discipline - adherence to stop losses, regular reviews and rebalancing, and of course, adapting to market situations. Our experts study and analyse Sectoral and Macro Economic trends to keep you ahead of change, before it happens. InvestActive combines this with its recommendations by ensuring you always stay ahead of changing trends, communicating targets and stop loss hits, and keeping you regularly updated on our latest views.
InvestActive is a unique Equity Research Product, and not a Portfolio Management Service. As an a unique Equity Research Product, InvestActive will recommend specific trades with pre specified allocation % of investments to subscribers, and may choose to execute these with their broker at their discretion.
You get direct access to the InvestActive Desk at PL Mumbai. Should you choose to meet an advisor, we would organise a meeting to review performance of our investments and get your feedback on this service.
For More Information 
rahim : +919892770630

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